Gone With The Wind Read Along 2012

The Gone With The Wind Read-along 2012 will take place from September 1st to November 7th 2012. It will be hosted by Fanda with Bzee as a co-host. These are the details:

The book

The following data is taken from Pocket Books, June 2008 edition, which I will read, but you are free to choose any edition (paperback or e-book):

Total pages: 1448

Total chapters: 63

Total parts: 5

– Part 1: page 3 – 191

– Part 2: page 195 – 397

– Part 3: page 401 – 717

– Part 4: page 722 – 1180

– Part 5: page 1184 – 1448

The participants

This read-along is opened internationally, anyone is welcomed to join. Participant must sign up via comment box in the participant list page. If you want to post about this read-along in your blog, you can add your post URL in comment box of the participants list page. I will update the list periodically, you may join the read-along anytime (even in the middle of read-along schedule), as long as you can catch up to finish the book by November 7th 2012.

It’s not a must, but I would appreciate if you’d grab and put the Gone With The Wind Read-along button in your post. Or if you don’t write any post, you can put it in your sidebar, linking here, to let your followers know about this read-along.

Oh… and for my dear Indonesian fellow bloggers—before you ask the question—yes, you may post in Bahasa Indonesia, but personally I recommend you to post in English, to make it easier for other participants to read your thoughts and have discussions.

The update posts

To read along together with friends is my main purpose of having this event, so I prefer to have some discussion after finishing each part. Therefore I plan to open an update posts page during the read-along where you can share URL of your own update posts. These posts are not mandatory, you can skip it if you don’t have anything to say.

If you only want to say something brief about certain part but do not feel like writing a post, or else you don’t have a blog, you can just make a comment on the “update posts”. With the “reply” button we can have a discussion there as well.

There will be four update posts, for part one to part four, while nearly at the end of read-along I will publish a “reviews page” (there won’t be update post for part 5, we can directly write a review for the whole book).

The giveaway

This is the best part! For you who post your updates in your blog or in comment box, will be able to join my giveaway! Each update post/comment would be counted as one entry, and at the end of read-along, I will pick one (or—hopefully—more) winner. To anyone who would like to host his/her giveaway during this read-along, please feel free to contact me, so I can post about your giveaway in this blog.

Reading schedule?

There won’t be any strict schedule to read certain pages in certain days, everyone can have their own pace. Just feel free to add your link after you finish certain part, anytime. This way participants can check how others are going, or have discussion about certain parts.

The reviews

Please add the URL of your review in the “reviews page” after finishing the novel. The review post is mandatory, but if you don’t have a blog, you can use comment box to write your opinion.

Read further

I’ll read the Indonesian translation edition, published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama (cetakan kedua, Juni 2009)

Bagian Pertama : 9 – 158         (bab I – VII)
Bagian Kedua      : 161 – 322   (bab VIII – XVI)
Bagian Tiga         : 325 – 565    (bab XVII – XXX)
Bagian Empat     : 569 – 922   (bab XXXI – XLVII)
Bagian Lima        : 925 – 1124 (bab XLVIII – LXIII)

Wish me luck, Guys 🙂




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