Come Home to Me

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Judul asli: Come Home to Me (Whiskey Creek #6)
Penulis: Brenda Novak
Format: e-book
Tebal: 276 hlm
Dibaca 29 Januari 2017


When Presley Christensen returns to Whiskey Creek with her little boy after two years away, she has completely changed her life. She’s made peace with her past and overcome the negative behavior that resulted from her difficult childhood. Now she’s back in the small town that was the closest thing to “home” she ever knew—the town where she can be with the sister who’s her only family.

There’s just one catch. Aaron Amos still lives in Whiskey Creek, at least until he moves to Reno to open a branch of the Amos brothers’ auto body shop. And no matter how hard she’s tried, Presley hasn’t been able to get over him. Seeing him again makes the longing so much worse. But she hopes she can get through the next few months, because she can’t fall back into his arms…or his bed. She’s come too far to backslide now. And there’s a secret she’s been guarding—a secret she’ll do anything to protect.

Honestly I wasn’t a fan of Presley-Aaron since her appearance in Chey-Dylan story. And too bad, it went worse after I read their story in the sixth book of Whiskey Creek series.

Their characters might had a better life without drugs that seemed so easy they even forgot at all along the story, not involving the comeback of their addiction at all. It didn’t like Sophie who had to struggle with it in the fifth book.

Aaron and Presley also had better income and look mature outside, but in the inside they’re still the same selfish people were in the third book. The competition Aaron felt when he found that Riley want to get closer to Presley, Presley’s will to keep his son’s real father identity from Aaron, and finally their craving for each other’s touch but didn’t want to accept it….they’re soooo…boring.

And one big mistake that ruined all the lame story was… Chey’s behavior behind Dylan. The way she really want to make him happy by… making artificial insemination with the closest person of Dylan?!

I’m so sorry, I cursed several times since Chey came with the idea. She really made a big mistake here. They should go to the doctors together, not just herself and she took a secret test of her husband sperm by the tools she bought online silently! Was it the result fair enough to made her judgement? Stupid.

And the way Presley and Aaron supported her? OMG. How come they did the process easily by buying the tools online? Didn’t it has to do in a clinic or hospital where there’s doctor and all medical tools? Why didn’t they learnt from their past, about what Presley’s mother did in the past? How bad it was to cut the real connection between parents and their children?

I really hate Chey more than Eve now and I really feel sorry towards Dylan *cry

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I had to give only 2*/5 for this book.

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